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Trying to create a new artist experience since 2021

Artscrafts focuses on promoting exclusive, innovative and idiosyncratic artistic talents from all around the world, especially from the land with the oldest and richest culture, India. Our mission is to bring forth contemporary art skills that anyone can connect to at a basic level. We also provide a platform for a wide range of audience as well as artists to explore the different cultures that people all around the globe celebrate.

Our belief is to unveil the unknown artists and showcase their work by releasing high quality and limited-edition art forms.

We would help you in adding to your existing collection or guide you in purchasing a piece of exquisite art.

Artscraft Gallery is proud to present a unique collection of vibrant artwork by our family of contemporary artists. Internationally renowned for color, imagination, and positivity,  Artscraft.co houses a diverse array of artwork that includes paintings and sculptures.

Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and an individual art appraisal. We are pleased to provide our customers and collectors with door to door shipping worldwide.

Our heartiest gratitude for becoming a fragment of this endeavour.

Our Patrons


Tilak Gitai hails from the second generation of royal court painter patronized by the rulers of Bikaner. Three times President Award Winner, Padmashri Gitai is always happy to help all the emerging artists across the globe and is the happiest person to share his expertise with budding artists. When artscrafts Team met Shri Tilak Gitai and requested for his support for this noble cause of international platform for all artist he immediately consented and gave his blessings to the team.


Recipient of Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award-2019, Girish Pant, extensively known as Girish Bhai in UAE for his commendable social services is our proud patron of this platform. A selfless service provider to all community. Here in UAE Girish Pant is always ready to help any individual round the clock, irrespective of his/ her cast and creed. Since the “artscrafts” platform is helping all artist’s, Girish bhai instantaneously agreed to support the cause of helping all the artist across the globe.
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Emotions Through Painting
Sometimes simply stating what you’re experiencing isn’t in enough.

In order for emotions to move through us freely, they must be accepted and expressed. Doing so enlivens us and fuels our creativity. Fortunately, experiencing emotions directly through art is fairly simple – if you allow for the process.

This could be done drawing, painting, sculpting, music, movement, writing, drama, whatever creative means allows you to open up and bare your soul. You needn’t be talented or skilled at any of these either. They are simply a means for expressing yourself.

And each time you create a work of art, you’re sharing new ideas, as well as different ways to express yourself. This can certainly serve as motivation for others.

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