“We Have a Hero, We Call Him DAD!” Father’s Day

The first superhero any child meets in their life is their father. In the growing age of children, they need someone who can be their role model. Father is the best example of a superhero. A father works tirelessly day and night for his family so that he can educate his children well and support his family. To give respect to this hard work, we celebrate Father’s Day every year. On this day, we give respect and gratitude to our father.

Father is a backbone of any family and specially in Indian context when he is the only earning member and he take cares of entire family. Many fathers spend more or less whole life out side his home for earning money so that his family can live happily.


We Artscrafts salute every father of the world for his tirelessly efforts for making his family away from all worries always.

Lets express your feeling about the contribution of father in your family and surrounding families in artistic ways.


1.     No entry fees

2.     All artists from any country across the globe can participate

3.     One artist can submit one artwork only on any of themes/topics.

4.     Each Artwork file submitted must be in a jpeg/PDF format.

5.     Art must be own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s

6.     Original art works remain with the artist, but the sponsor/organizer can use the digital image for their personal/commercial purpose.

7.     Winners winning amounts will be transferred in their bank account and digital Certificates email or send vai whatsapp.

8.     All participants will be sent contest and voting a link with their artworks so that they can request their family/friends for maximum voting for online voting.

9. If we found that participants used the unfair means for getting votes or misused the technology to increase the votes we will disqulify the contestant.

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