GrandParents-Day Exibhition

Grandparents Day Exhibition

  • This exhibition open to all Age 60+ senior artist.
  • No entry fees.
  • Topic :- Any Topic
  • Each artist submit only 1 artwork.
  • Exhibition start from 23rd July 2023.
  • Artwork submission date 15th July 2023.
  • All entry accepted by online only. (we share you google form link.)
  • RULES: –

    1.     No entry fees

    2.     All artists from any country across the globe can participate

    3.     One artist can submit one artwork only on any of themes/topics.

    4.     Each Artwork file submitted must be in a jpeg/PDF format.

    5.     Art must be own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s

    6.     Original art works remain with the artist, but the sponsor/organizer can use the digital image for their personal/commercial purpose.

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