Exhibition 2 – Vinay Joshi

Unseen Beauties of Rajasthan

In Diverse and full on color culture of India, Rajasthan is the only state which celebrate color like no other. Rajasthan maintain its own identity when it comes to culture, marvelous architecture, opulent decor and place filled with history and romanticism.

Being an artist Rajasthan has always been close to Vinay heart and topic of constant art inspiration.

Doesn’t matter how many times visited visit the place but still he can’t get over its splendor and ethos?

Throughout the history of Rajasthan, generations of dynamic and eccentric kings and queens, warrior castes and religious houses have each ingrained their own sapphire, fuchsia, saffron, crimson, turquoise, indigo, magenta or lavender somehow into the design of the region, maintaining the idea that behind each color is a story.

Vinay’s painting series “Unseen beauties of Rajasthan” is just an attempt to present the splash of colors of Rajasthan to wider audience.

In an era of modernization where current generation is privilege to see the rich culture, bustling bazaars & the turbans, traditional dresses that stretch to all colors of the imagination, it’s Rajasthan’s everyday life.

Enjoy these colors on Vinay’s canvas and don’t forget to add feedback.

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