Exhibition 3 – Sunil Kumar

Sunil belongs to the holy city of Banaras. Banaras is a city of God Shiva and River Ganga. He has done Masters in Arts from BHU. Professionally he is presently associated with Navodaya Vidaya in the field of his passion Arts. Sunil won many awards for his works admired by all over. He is using various medium like oil paints, Acrylic, water color to depict the philosophy of Buddha and Yoga.

Buddhism & Yoga

In contemplating the relationship of yoga and Buddhism, we must not forget that the Buddha was Indian, was well-versed in Vedantic philosophy, was a practitioner of yoga, and sought an experiential understanding of the philosophy. The Buddha was such a devoted and serious practitioner of the yogic arts that he attained the fruits of the practice: enlightenment.

The heart of the Buddha’s teachings lies in the Four Noble Truths, expounded in his very first sermon following his enlightenment. The first noble truth proclaimed by the Buddha is Dukka: Life is suffering and suffering is a reality. The second truth, Samudaya, is that the cause of this suffering originates in our own minds. The third noble truth, Nirodha, offers hope: liberation and freedom from suffering is possible. The fourth noble truth, Magga, gives one the method to attain liberation, known to Buddhists as the path of the “Middle Way.”

Buddhism as well as yoga recognizes that there is suffering, and that freedom from suffering is possible. These ancient teachings hold that compassion is a vehicle for liberation. Meditation is a yogic practice used by Buddhists and yogis alike to go beyond the fluctuations of the mind (the dualistic thought process), to realize the Oneness of Being. Buddhists may call it emptiness. Yogis may call it the absolute self. Shakespeare said, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Sunil tried his best to depict the importance of mental peace and physical fitness through the paintings of Buddha and different postures of Yoga. As per Sunil we should follow the teachings of Lord Buddha and practice yoga to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

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