Exhibition 5 – Datta Nalle

Ashok is Assistant Professor in fishery science by profession but keep art is his heart always. He is deeply interested in doing sketching and painting. He did not have any education related arts, but he had studied various kinds of arts and methods of arts. He uses his own unique style to color paintings as burning wood charcoal coal dust and graphite pen ink etc.


The present art works are based upon the various emotions and expressions of the human life. The art going through with the strokes of brush on canvas itself tells many Stories. The Emotions play a fundamental role in our lives. These arts describe those emotions which we experienced in daily life; I try to make it in such way that if you will see those arts at same time, you also feel the feelings of that art…. It also dividing the discussion on the intrapersonal, the interpersonal, and the social and cultural functions of emotions. The art on the intrapersonal functions of emotion describes the roles that emotions play within each of us individually; the arts on the interpersonal functions of emotion describes the meanings of emotions to our relationships with others; and the art on the social and cultural functions of emotion describes the roles and meanings that emotions have to the maintenance and effective functioning of our societies and cultures at large. All in all, we will see that emotions are a crucially important aspect of our psychological composition, having meaning and function to each of us individually, to our relationships with others in groups, and to our societies. so dear friends feel the feelings of these arts.

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