Exhibition 6 – Prabhawana

Humans have always been intrigued by mysteries. Wanting to decipher the unknown has always been capturing our imagination since times immemorial. To pander this innate desire, we have even sent expeditions to study other planets in and out of our solar system. One part of our Earth which remains largely unexplored is the Oceans.

For centuries, the sailors and adventurers have tried to disinter the enigma that is associated with oceans and the plethora of undiscovered plant and animal life it hides in its vast expanses of water. From the physical sensation of being in and playing in the water to looking around at all the visual stimulation of animal life, the ocean has it all.

Anyone fascinated by the natural world will fall in love with the ocean as they hold the most mysterious and diverse parts of it. From the tiniest phytoplankton to the largest whales, each living thing fits into the larger clockwork of the global ocean ecosystem, of which we are a part. Our connection to the ocean ranges from the vast resources we extract from it to its ability to regulate our climate and make our planet habitable. The sound and motion of the ocean does have a soothing influence over a stressed mind. Merely watching the waves crash against the rocks, hearing the roar of the water, and standing on the beach as the tide slowly creeps closer and closer calms an individual like a sedative.

No wonder it was the ‘Sagar’ which was chosen by Gods and Demons to unearth the treasures of the Earth. It will always be a fascination and source of inspiration for writers, poets and painters because of its enigma and grandeur.

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