Exhibition 7 – Dr. Chhaya Kumari

Dr. Chhaya by the profession is a Dental Surgeon but has keen interest of explore the hidden folk art of India by creating different art. Chhaya borne and brought up at Dhanbad and her higher education at JNU Delhi as well as at ITS-CDSR Dental College. Chhaya serves her surrounding by her dental profession and exploring the hidden art of India i.e Folk art through her creation. Chhaya is masters in folk arts form.

Folk or Tribal art is a visual art which is made in relation to the tribal people those who belongs to that tribal community folk/tribal paintings depict their God-Goddess, daily household activities, their cultural traditional & ritual activities, their functions, festivals etc.

Different folk arts included in this exhibition like Mithila, Warli, Gond, Paitkar, Bastar, Bhil, Kalamkaari and Tikuli they all belong to different parts of our country and by promoting these folk arts there is preservation of our cultural heritage. Mithila painting belongs to Bihar said to be originated in Nepal it contains 5 different styles-Bharni, Kachni, Kohbar, Tantrik & Godna all styles are beautiful containing intricate designs & patterns, Warli painting belongs to Maharashtra and Orissa also practicing in part of Chhattisgarh and Karnataka very beautiful art containing geometric patterns, Gond painting belongs to Gond tribes belongs to Madhya Pradesh this art contains the theme related to flora and fauna beautifully filled with minus sign, Paitkar art belongs to Jharkhand less in practice now a days brown-black colors are seem to be dominating colors theme involved household activities and rituals, Bastar painting belongs to Chhattisgarh theme depicts the celebration, Festivals and functions mainly, Kalamkaari painting is very beautiful folk art belongs to Andhra Pradesh contains the mythological theme involving gif& goddesses including very intricate & graceful designs, Bhil painting belongs to Bhil Community of Madhya Pradesh this art form is less in practice theme related to flora & Fauna mainly, Tikuli art belongs to Patna (Bihar) now a days less in practice needs to be revived in a mass level to prevent this art to be vanished the as the name suggests Tikuli the designs should be fulfilled with dot or similar to that pattern,

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