Exhibition 9 – Mirna Jaser


Mirna jaser is a middle eastern amateur artist, from Palestine, born in jerusalem on February 1985, she had a god given gift in painting since childhood, she got encouraged to practice her talent by her art teacher who discovered her talent in an early age, she started pencil skitches till the age of 16th, after school the talent got forgotten as she chosed to proceed her education in business administration, and now seeking her MBA as well, practical life took place, she is now working at the Palestinian ministry of national economy as the head of macro economic division, who issues the ministry economic statistical report on a monthly basis, she went back to her childhood painting passion at the beginning of the covid pandamic on march 2020, it was her first time using oil painting, she is interested in both realism and surializem art schools, now Mirna is a certified member in two Palestinian official fine art associations (Palestinian association for contemporary art, and hanin society for fine art forum), she has many Arabic and world wide memberships as well, she had participated in several virtual and face to face exhibitions, in Palestine and abroad, her art production is getting bigger, and the talent is being developed with every new painting produced.

She is now participating in the international Arab group award in London, for the title of best fine artwork ever created in the Arab world on the international level, as well as the best fine art artist.

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