Ahmed El Houari

Ahmed El Houari

Ahmed is a Figuration & Abstract from Casablanca the city of Morocco. Ahmed is an exceptional artist using mixed media for his works.

Ahmed studied Fine arts at Jaber Ibnou Hayane high school in Casablanca and also studied computer graphics at the school of design and communication

Ahmed is Passionate about painting and drawing since the age of 6, loving light and colors and his painting is a painting of exuberance, the rhythm of spontaneity, the living force of colors and gesture, and in which we can guess curves, shapes and geometric constructions, balanced and wild and always movement, The eyes sometimes, like those of Cyclops, look through signs at the physical limit, like movements of arms and legs, of the head or of a body. Because his painting moves, he works with his hands the color that it spreads on the canvases This contact with the material, with the canvas expresses this exuberance well through an abstract artistic message, leaving room for the imagination for a free and passionate reading , this force that we feel in his painting which expresses life so well.

Ahmed’s arts shown many times in exhibitions in Morocco

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