Dnyaneshwar Dhavale

Dnyaneshwar Dhavale

Dyaneshwar is from Pune, a city that has been the birthplace of many a young creative artist. Born in 1981 Dnyaneshwar Dhavale studied at the J J School of Art, Mumbai, He belongs to the new breed of artists who rely on the logic expressed through dreams.

Dnyaneshwar Dhavale landscapes stick to the conventional as far as the subject matter goes, depicting scenes from villages and seashores. But they are not an exact rendering of that which is perceived; rather they are canvases that embrace a wider spectrum of issues that are topical to the day and age. On first appearance, they seem disjointed with no unifying idea, but on moving away from them the paintings grow into flowing patterns that fuse effortlessly into a whole.

Dnyaneshwar Dhavale uses light cleverly to add to the breadth and space of the canvas. In his paintings, the sky is never a hard, translucent blue. Instead, his characters play out the drama of life under a twilit or cloudy heaven, showing the many obscurities that beset human endeavor.

Creating a delicate balance between the real and the metaphysical, Dnyaneshwar Dhavale captures the often-hidden depths in people and objects within the framework of the conservative limits of landscape painting. His works reflect not only the times, but also the mind and heart of the artist attempting to solve the questions posed

Dyaneshwar participated in many solo and Group exhibitions and awarded and recognized at all the levels.

Awards Received :

  1. Silver Award in The International Exhibition & Competition KFOAS Kalaratnam zFoundation of Art Society INDIA .30th Nov.2020.
  2. First Prize for Best Painting in All India Art Exhibition, in the Memory of Barr. V. V. Oak, Tilak Smarak Trust, Pune, in the Year 2004.
  3. First Prize in the Acron 2D Competition in the year 2001. First Prize in the Annual Exhibition of Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune in the year 2002.
  4. Camlin Award – Cash Prize in Annual Exhibition, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai in the year 2003.

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