Jadhav Mohan

Jadhav Mohan

Jadhav is from cultural city of Nashik, Maharashtra the state of India.

Jadhav has completed his master’s in fine art from Nagpur University Maharashtra.

He is passionate Watercolour artist and one of the great watercolour masters in India. He is admired for his powerful impressive interpretation of light effect and his ability to evoke mood to convey the soul of the subject he paints.

Jadhav exhibits a strong, impressive, and colourful style of art with superb handling of watercolours. His subjects of paintings are based on reach and vibrant culture of India. He always shows a beauty of Indian culture in his painting. Main subject of his painting is Indian peoples who belonging to different traditions religions culture customs and their various lifestyles.

Jadhav’s paintings are the aesthetic reflection of beauty, serenity, depth, steadfastness, rhythm, the azure colour and above all.

Jadhav Mohan have a long list of awards and recognitions. he had participated in various art camps and art exhibitions. He had exhibited his works all over the India and many other countries.

Some Awards and participations

  • Maharashtra state art award 2003
  • Mudra art foundation award 2006
  • Chitari academy of fine art award pune 2008
  • D.j.joshi merit award kalavartanyas ujjain 2008
  • Lalitya national art camp 2011
  • Akruti art foundation mumbai award 2020
  • Participate in international watercolor society of Italy art exhibition 2017
  • Participate in international watercolor society Dubai art exhibition 2017
  • Neharu center art gallery watercolor study camp 2006 & 2007
  • Gujrat kala pratisthan art camp somnath and vadtal in 2017 & 2019

I like your style of painting

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November 3, 2021

Excellent work sir

Sushama Patil
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