Koustav Maji

Koustav Maji

Koustav is an Artist and Designer from 24 Parganas District of West Bengal state of India. Koustav studied from Birla Academy but could not complete it educationally but continued his art career. Few years later Koustav decided that he would study fashion design so started with fashion design from INIFD and now he is researching various types of painting and design.

Koustav now researching and working with different types of mythology painting and Indian style paintings and his works are based on the mythological aspects, where characters meet colors and space, divine approach melt together with human body, flora, and fauna. Characters become more engaging with applications of flower motif, distribution of hues and composition.

Other part of his Fashion designing part is to work with lot of design and fabric. He works with Indian style painting on fabric like saree, Panjabi, kurta, and other types of dresses. Two types of mediums that he works with are manual and digital.

Koustav want to know and learn more about painting and design and his life goal is that he wants to do a lot more research on various types of Paintings and Design.

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