Mihir Kayal

Mihir Kayal

Mihir’s journey began in a small hamlet, Marshal in West Bengal, India. Growing up amid Nature has contributed much to Mihir to depict people and their emotions in his paintings.

Mihir came to Calcutta in 2001 and joined Indian College of Art and Draftsman ship. The urban squalor created a deep schism in his heart.

As per Mihir

My canvas is peopled with lonely faces, drawn predominantly in black, yellow, green and red. Human beings are basically lonely, and this loneliness is more accentuated by their struggle for existence. This struggle informs my paintings, and the listlessness of the faces are a response to the ceaseless violence, exploitation, bloodshed that mark modern civilization. The continuous struggle that a man faces, within and without, its agony and anguish, its different nuances are entrenched in my paintings. My quest comes out metaphorically   through the lonely faces, the birds and the fish forms that come out of my unconscious. The abstractions, too, are part of that quest. My individual struggles continue to affect my canvas and the grotesque forms are a continuation of my existential agony and is a metaphorical     expression of my pained psyche.

 Mihir participated in many solo and group exhibitions at national and international levels and recognized at all the levels always.

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