Pramod prakash

Pramod prakash

Pramod is from Begusarai district of Bihar state of India.

Pramod is a Master’s in Arts and a seasoned artist.

Pramod participated in many solo and group exhibitions at national and international level and get appreciated every where with big fan followings.

As per Pramod: –

My paintings depict the inner conflicts and dilemmas and doubts of human soul. My paintings are not merely an outward display of colors, but  they recreate  a     mystical and enchanting scenario where the viewer identifies herself or himself  with those paintings and establishes an interactive mutual dialogue with them. My paintings convey the deepest realities, anguish, and turmoil of the inner most being of human existence in a spontaneous manner. The journey of my arts begins with a self-discovery or self-revelations and it gets unfolded layer by layer.

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