Vinayak Takalkar

Vinayak Takalkar

Vinayak a passionate artist and by profession an Art teacher is from Nasik the city of Maharashtra state of India.

Vinayak did diploma in Arts Education from sir J J school of Arts in the year 1987.

Vinayak participated in many solo and group exhibitions at all the prestigious arts galleries of India like Jehangir Art Gallery and Nehru Center. Vinayak’s works appreciated in all the exhibitions.

Vinayak is master in realistic arts and every art of his look like the real time photographs.

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of perceiver. Mr Vinayak Takalkar firmly believes that nature is the sample space of beauty. Artist simply selects a part of it for mimetic creation of his artwork. Therefore, success of artist lies in his focus on ‘what’ ‘how’ and in which order to perceive. This requires meditative trance, discerning selection of medium, unfaltering skills to control the medium and disposition of expert guide. If he can induce right perception and cognitive

process, the effect of his artwork is miraculous to render desired experience to the appreciator. Only degree of maturity attained by the artist determines hierarchical position and status.


  1. State art exhibition -3rd prize in 1987
  2. Nashik Kala Niketan-1st prize 1992
  3. Prafulla Dhnkar Art Foundation- Silver Medal with cash Prize in 2015

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