Pari Sagar


Pari Sagar ’s Statement: She believes that true art is characterized by an irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression.

Faith, Hope, and Love

The purpose of the artist’s new series is to create a mirror of one’s inner self; to touch the side of one’s personality that is rarely shown in public. When you view her artwork, you can see a playful nature. The textures, lines, and forms are designed to convey the message of being in touch with nature and to believe in love. Each piece of art has its history, a story that has been created by reflecting on her emotions through colours, rhythm, and space. Her process of layering and texturing gives her artwork a unique effect and yet allows her work to remain surreal. The viewers can easily connect with her paintings which soothe their heart, mind, and soul; and are able to meditate and create positive intentions.

She has participated in various exhibitions and showcased her art on various platforms, and sold many art pieces in Dubai, Mumbai, Ireland, Portugal, and the United States.

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Amazing art work 😍💐

Sujil Chandra Bose

I am spellbound by the imagination, the colors on each spread. As always I bow before the artist and her splendid efforts. Pari, you are one of god’s beautiful work yourself. May god continue to shower his blessings on you.

Nice art Pari.
Good wishes.

Thank you Roshan
Much love and respect 🥰🙏

Thank you ❤️
I am always pleased to hear from you Sujil thank you for your love and encouragement!❤️
Do visit Instagram @parisagarart

Very nice work congratulations and best wishes 💐

Thank you much appreciated!🙏

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