Prakash Ambegoankar

Prakash Ambegoankar

Prakash is Baroda based seasoned artist who has chosen to paint after completing his long and meritorious Architectural career in USA of 40+ years. His passion for painting led him to travel and study worldwide art movements. This background has given him the mature dexterity which forms the backbone of his work. Now settled in India he devotes his full time to painting.

Prakash believes an art career is a journey, and in every creation, there is an opportunity to live the full potential of creativity. He has deftly avoided copying himself. In his every creation he surprises himself and others with discoveries which are extremely harmonious and beautiful.  His abstract parlance is not limited to the derivational, but his forms and compositions are created through a baffling coercion of soul searches and insights from the depth of subconscious. These forms and arrangements may appear as certain symbols of association, which create an emotional visual response in the mind of the viewer, thus creating an expression.

Prakash participated in numerous Exhibitions at National and International Levels and awarded and recognized at the levels.

As per Prakash – During my long journey as an Architect and an Artist, I have studied and practiced various forms of art and architecture. I have studied the history of visual art, from representation to abstraction to modernism and post modernism. I believe this in-depth study gives you the understanding of the thought process behind all these discoveries and makes your artwork more relevant historically.

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