Qureysh Basrai

Qureysh Basrai

Qureysh is from city of Pune in Maharashtra state of India.

By profession Qureysh is an Interior Designer / Contractor.  After 30 years of professional life, he picked up his brush and have started his passion of painting again and have stood 1st in the Online International Horse Competition (oil paint medium) among 10 countries in the year 2019.

At the age of 14 Qureysh held his drawing exhibition in the TAJ ART GALLERY (Mumbai) in the year 1979 being The International Year of The Child and had a good response.

Qureysh came 1st in the online All India National competition, held by ChirtaKala, as the Rising artist (October 2020)

Qureysh stood 2nd in the All-India National competition, held by Canvas creations (December 2020).

Qureysh taken part in several online exhibitions and had 3 gallery exhibitions in the month of January 2020 (in Delhi and Mumbai).

Qureysh writeup came in the AFG (Art Freaks Global) coffee book 2020.

Qureysh nominated by the India Records for the award of Excellence 2021.

As per Qureysh-

My medium of painting is oil and my passion for horses is depicted in most of my paintings. I am also inspired by nature and that is portrayed in my Landscapes and Seascapes.

As a child I have painted other animals too, but I gravitated to paint Horses primarily because of its nobility. I feel the Horse are a powerful, energetic, and majestic animal, and it energizes me to paint them.

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