Synoj Sivan

Synoj Sivan

Synoj Sivan, a popular and sagacious artist from Kannur (Kerala), creating splendorous portraits through his oil painting work , that too , in his own natural way by imbibing the beauty of attractive rural dame and damsel, mothers, children and wees, becomes a talk in every nook and corner of world of paintings.
He, in his meticulous tact, defined his intelligibility by portraying “EKALAVYAN AND SAKUNTHALA”, our
prominent characters of historic Era.

Synoj accomplished his forerunning at Darbar Hall by contributing a treasure house of pictures imbued for a covert namely “REALISM” at French academy.

In Synoj´s paintings, two different conspicuous cultures and civilizations coincide, which reflect throughout his hue-pot. In his paintings, Deities and Gods are being appeared in the form of human beings, which flummox everybody. This is a salient feature and peculiar tactic seen in his art only.
Again, we find in his portrait’s lady- loves and wenches reflecting more predominantly.
Ladies kindling dusk light, lonely child pondering besides loch, red donned girls, ladies entering for temple prayer etc. are some of the features that adorned his collections for exhibition. There are many more illustrations of his task that pin -point his ability in the hipbath of portraits. Some of them which
fetches in the frames are theme-based subjects from Epics,
odes and holy poems of historical events and sagas.

Synoj started his canvas venture at the age of 12 and recognized Sri. Mohan kumaras his Guru, the so-called teacher. At the outset, he used watercolors for his tablature. Synoj, who loves KATHAKALI and BHARATHANATYAM, the patent arts of Kerala, depicts and decorates it characters through his portraits which becomes very popular in international levels. It may be noted that his splendid creations “LADY WITH SWAN” was accepted by a famous agency in an auction at London recently.

Synoj participated in many solo and international exhibitions at national and International levels and recognized and appraised all over.

2016 – Art maestro international art exhibition Delhi, best oil painting award
(Mother with twins)
2016 – Worldwide art movement ,art India cee pee award for realistic nomination ,
Kochi(Mother with twins)
2016 – mega international art exhibition award ,Gujarat ( Mother with twins)
2016 – International painting exhibition Delhi gold medal (After visiting the temple)
2016 – International painting exhibition best oil painting award (After visiting the    temple)
2016 – International painting exhibition cash price (After visiting the temple)
2016 – International art exhibition best painting award (The lady with a hand mirror)
2016 – cash price , art exhibition Delhi (The lady with a hand mirror)
2020 – International Kalaratna Award of India( Mother with twins)
2020 – High Range Book of World Records- for doing Paintings in this Pandemic   situation Promoting msg “Stay home & Stay fit” Recognition by  Government   of India  & Accredited by USA

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