Ushaa Kannan

Ushaa Kannan

Ushaa is from Thanjavur a city in Tamil Nadu, southern state of India. Ushaa has travelled a long journey that deeply connects and indulges in the world of arts.

Ushaa’s  uniqueness is Thanjavur painting which is a classical South Indian painting style, originated in the south Indian town called THANJAVUR alias TANJORE. Natural products such as neem seed paste, natural calcium and lime stone powder are used which make these paintings very unique and monopoly. These paintings are done on canvas, on walls, wooden panel, glass and many more! Embossed Gold foil, semi-precious stones and the vibrant colors makes the crown, golden ornaments, which are the beauty of Tanjore painting.

Ushaa  truly takes the pride in spreading the rich heritage of her own city Thanjavur.

Ushaa has received ‘ Vysya super star award ‘ for her contribution in this field

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