Maged Makram

Maged Makram

Maged Markram’s Statements Journey into the depths of a visual artist, Maged Makram Sheroubi Professional & International visual Artist, Senior Architect & Interior designer by profession The value of fine art to me I have always been passionate about fine Arts, as I find great value to the beauty and beyond the norm meaning it brings to life, I have my own unique style, it is a journey between Cubism, symbolism, surrealism, abstract and expressionism, it is my journey of creation and creativity, inside the human brain, subconscious, inside ID, Ego and super ego, psychological aspects of people and life philosophy. Art represents to me, a great value, a sublime meaning of life and a sublime message to all humanity, Art is my message in the life. Art is a deep journey within the paths of life, within the depths of human, a journey into the dreams and other worlds. There is no doubt that I was influenced by several schools of artistic, by the surrealism of Dali, cubism and modern art by Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Georges Braque & Wassily Kandinsky

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