Mahfuzur Rahman

Mahfuzur Rahman

Mahfuzur Rahman is a Bangladeshi art curator, contemporary artist and art activist currently residing in Dubai, UAE. With a passion for art from a young age he pursued a career in the field, eventually becoming an accomplished and respected figure in the international art community.

Mahfuzur  achieved numerous prestigious awards throughout his career, including being listed in the Guinness World Records for most nationalities in an art lessons organized by Artscrafts. He exhibited his artworks in over 50 international exhibitions and 10 national exhibitions.

Mahfuzur work is known for its bold, vibrant style and its exploration of themes related to nature specially the expression of trees. His work has been praised for its ability to evoke emotion and provoke thought in the viewer.

As per Mahfuzur

“Painting is a reality, among realities, which has been felt and formed.”

As a professional artist the pleasure I receive from creating art that helps me to develop my comping mechanism in life. I produce art to express an image of impressionism form but with my own artistic style. In each work of art, my intent is to depict compositions with lifelike details and qualities.

There were a lot of emotional events in my life that led me to hold onto my passion more and more every day. The clarity and the journey of a particular painting make my existence worthwhile. When I paint, I feel weaves of emotions hitting my soul constantly. Complete work of art gives me a height of pleasure because not only it is a painting but also conveys significant philosophy. The hues and textures of my palette are an integral part of my piece of art, this is where I search for deeper understanding in its purest form, a passionate effort to discover the essence of life. I have always concentrated on the subject as the focal point with a limited background.

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