Nikhil Maheshwari

Nikhil Maheshwari

Nikhil Maheshwari hails from Gurugram in Haryana and dedicates himself to unraveling the mysteries of art that captivate his imagination. He did his Bachelor of Fine Arts from GD Goenka University Sohna Gurugarm.

His artistic work encompasses an array of Western art-inspired paintings, each narrating a distinct story through its unique composition. Nikhil’s artistic expression is deeply rooted in abstract art, drawing influences from movements such as Suprematism, Cubism, and contemporary styles. The use of color in his work is not merely aesthetic but serves as a narrative device, conveying the deeper essence of his creations. Nikhil’s innovative approach involves experimenting with colors directly on the floor, enabling him to discover novel abstract concepts. His portfolio is a testament to his exploration of abstract and still life subjects, reflecting his ongoing quest to transcend mental barriers and forge new artistic paths.

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